The Many Colors of Hosta

H. June Fever

One plant that I have grown to appreciate in my garden is the hosta. This plant is easy to grow and comes in many colors that can enhance any garden. Many people like to grow only hosta in their gardens. They plant drifts of the same hosta and mix them with other drifts of hosta in different colors. I like my hosta mixed in with shrubs, trees, annuals and perennials of many different colors. Playing the hosta leaf color against other plant colors make them a striking addition to any garden. Just take a look at the many colors of hosta.

H. Antioch

H. Whirlwind

H. Halycon

H. Patriot

H. Liberty

H. Gold Standard

H. Elvis Lives
If you have not tried hosta in your garden, this might be a plant for you!

Happy Gardening!
The Creative Gardener


Lane Lou said…
I miss growing hostas SO much back in Indy... but since I moved to Louisiana, I found an equally rewarding foliage: Caladiums.

Yours look absolutely amazing, though! Great variety, too!!