Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - June 2010

Oakleaf Hydrangea

It has been a great year for the garden. With the early warm up this year and lots of rain, the garden has a very lush look. The weeds are growing faster than I can weed them out.

I have been seeing plants bloom in the garden that have never bloomed before. On the down side it is now very humid makings it hot to work in the garden and the mosquitoes are becoming a problem. The joys of gardening!

The hydrangea garden in full bloom

Knock Out roses
Blushing Bride Hydrangea

Have a great bloom day and happy gardening!

The Creative Gardener


NellJean said…
What a beautiful Hydrangea garden! Your lilies are beautiful.

Our oakleafs have already gone to dry heads in the heat here.
Carol said…
What a lovely garden Debbie! Hopefully the hot humid spell will pass and you can enjoy your garden more... early morning with lots of mosquito netting works I imagine!
Hi Debbie. Your garden looks so beautiful. I love the circular beds.
Hi - I just discovered your garden and blog - Very lovely - we are zone 4, so are a bit behind your garden.
Sylvana said…
I like your creative fountain spray :)
Your garden is so beautiful. It looks like an estate garden.
Cameron said…
Your hydrangea garden is so beautiful! What a tranquil and green oasis! I'm sure evenings out there are especially nice as it looks like the blooms glow.
Melody said…
Your hydrangea garden is beautiful with lush grass (not much of that in my area of North Florida) and hostas. It looks so calm and soothing.
Heather said…
Your garden looks absolutely lovely and your hydrangeas are beautiful!
Bonnie Story said…
Your hydrangea garden is absolutely stunning! Oh my goodness. Looks great there, you are a good gardener!! Bravo and Cheers! Bonnie