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Protecting Your Plants During Drought

This Dogwood's flower buds have died and the leaves show stress from lack of water.

This year my zone 5 garden experienced a very dry growing season. We started the year out with lots of rain and the garden was growing great. Then we started getting less rain or a light shower that was not enough to wet the ground. August was the driest in over 100 years in my area. Many flowers, trees and shrubs have been stressed from the lack of rain. We are now having "no burning" bans due to the lack of rain. It seems that everyday the news on TV is about corn and bean fields catching on fire.

If you live in a zone that has been experiencing drought, watch your trees and shrubs for water. I have been seeing many shrubs and trees with curling leaves or loosing their leaves due to lack of water in many landscapes. It is not good when the small limbs "snap" due to die back. Take a look around your landscape and if you are seeing problems, start watering before it is to late. Ch…