How to Make Plant Markers for Your Garden

Here's an easy to make garden project for you. If you like to label your vegetables or flowers in your garden, then you know how expensive it can become to purchase plant markers. If you have old vinyl or aluminum window blinds, those slats can make wonderful plant markers. The vinyl or aluminum is easy to cut with scissors and you can cut them to any size you desire. The plant marker in the picture is a two inch vinyl blind slat that has been cut to size with scissors. A pointed end was added to make sticking it into the ground easier. You can write on the slats with permanent markers or use a labeling machine for a professional look. Slats come in several sizes from 1/2 inch to 2 inch and will hold up against the weather. Remember that the next time you replace those old blinds or shorten your new blinds that those slats can be recycled into something useful for the garden.
Happy Gardening!
The Creative Gardener


Heather said…
Great idea! Thanks.
antigonum cajan said…
NIce blog. I am your Caribbean Horticulture Creative Critic, spanning the globe...I dropped to check the natives..

Good luck in your projects..
Janet said…
We used blinds for our plant sale in the Learning Garden in Virginia. Great use of old blinds.
aluminum window said…
Well done – it makes a nice change to read something that makes sense. Pleasing on the eye too. You have a real nice site!