The 2011 Hosta of the Year

The “Hosta of the Year” for 2011 is a plant that many gardeners have already in their gardens. The hosta plant of the year is H. ‘Praying Hands’. It was registered with the American Hosta Society in 1996 by Gerald Williams of Minnesota. H. ‘Praying Hands’ grows to about 16 inches high and 30 inches wide as a mound. It is known for its unusual narrow twisted, cupped lengthwise leaves that are green and edged in white. It has lavender flowers that bloom in July to August. H. ‘Praying Hands’ parentage is unknown but it is a hosta that you will not forget and is easy to identify in a garden. The original parent plant was “found” at a nursery as an unlabeled sport. This is a hosta that is easy to find and available in most nurseries at a reasonable price.

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Happy Gardening!

The Creative Gardener


Hi Debbie! I didn't know that Praying Hands was the 2011 Hosta of the year! Thank you for educating me and for the great image! I'll go check your hosta blog.
Janet said…
Very nice hosta. It does look like praying hands doesn't it? I love hostas, but so do the deer.
fer said…
It is a beautiful plant! wish I could fit it on my garden
joey said…
Hi Debbie. Aw yes, I see another friendly companion in my garden!
Very pretty! Thanks for posting and letting me know about it.
Ooo I love that Hosta! I have a good spot for it too, just need to find one!!