The Return of Spring - 2011

Spring has returned to "Sycamore Gardens". The tulips are starting to bloom.
The grape hyacinths are full of flowers.

This hellebore has been blooming even when we had snow.

I am very excited about this shrub. This is a lilac called "Sensation". This is the first time it has produced flower buds. It has been a seven year wait that is about to end.

The flowering quince in the gardens are showing colors of pink or red depending on the cultivar.

Some of the hostas are really up and growing and others are still waiting for warmer days.

These little primroses are full of flowers.

The wild flowers are blooming in the lawn in large patches of white that looks like snow.

The Cleveland Pears are starting to flower along the drive.

Life is starting to renew itself in the garden. We have a nesting Canada Goose on the roof of the cabin on our property. She has been on the nest for over 2 weeks now.

The ducks on the river are mating up for the breeding season.

The toads are retuning to the ponds for mating. They have started singing at night and will continue for about three weeks. Then the tadpoles will hatch and turn into toads that will start eating the slugs and snails that would eat my hostas.

It's nice to see life retuning to the garden once again (except for the large amount of weeds that are appearing)!

Happy Gardening!

The Creative Gardener


Hi Debbie. Just look at your garden go .So much is starting to grow now and I for one am a happy gardener again. LOL!
Your double blooming Primrose is so cute. Love primroses.Hellebore's are so wonderful and pretty. Have a wonderful weekend.