Spring Brings the Blooming of the Forsythia

Every March and April, my garden lights up with the blooming of the Forsythia. The masses of yellow flowers is a sure sign that spring is just around the corner. Forsythia bloom on leafless branches and the colors of different Forsythias can range from pale yellow to a light orange. The flowers have four lobes or petals. In my area, many people prune their Forsythia bushes into round shapes. In my garden they are allowed to grow into that wonderful large unkempt look that Mother Nature intended. Forsythias do not require much in maintenance and you should avoid excessive pruning. Pruning should be done after flowering by cutting some of the old or unproductive shoots to the ground. Forsythia are easy to grow and any garden soil will do. They prefer full sun but can thrive in partial shade. In my garden, some grow in full sun and others in part shade. The ones in sun produce a few more flowers than than those in part shade. There are Forsythias that range in size from dwarf to about 10 foot in height and you should be able to find a Forsythia that works in your size of garden. I have seen a Forsythia with variegated leaves in a catalogue that I would like to add to the garden in the future. Since Forsythia have plain green leaves, a variegated shrub would provide additional interest for the garden. Forsythia bushes are easy to propagate by layering or taking cuttings if you want to start more for your garden. I always look forward to the blooming of the Forsythia every year because it shows that spring is on the way and the gardening season has just begun.

Happy Gardening!

The Creative Gardener


Our Forsythia are done blooming. Ours bloomed at the beginning of March! What a difference. I love the splashes of bright yellow in the landscape in the early spring.
Donna said…
I have a dwarf, regular size and even the variegated one but little is budding due to the cold...we shall see them in full color soon...
Lona said…
Oh how pretty Debbie. The yellow blooms go so well with the hostas. Makes a beautiful bed.
Walker said…
Nice garden...
Thanks for sharing..Dogwood trees Tennessee
I have a couple beautiful weigelas blooming out back, but didn't know what they were called - thanks!! :)

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