H. 'Ghost Spirit'

This is a hosta that has an unusual color and pattern to it's leaves. It has become one of my favorites in the garden. H. 'Ghost Spirit' is a sport of H. 'Valentine Lace' and was registered with the American Hosta Society in 1999. It grows as a mound with blue-green misted leaves with a small margin of the blue-green along the leaf edge. This hosta grows to about 20 inches high and twice that size in width. The leaves are heart-shaped and will have a seasonal color change. In late June or July, it will grow scapes with beautiful lavender flowers that compliment the blue-green misted leaf color. This hosta is easy to find and one that you should enjoy in your garden!

Happy Gardening!

The Creative Gardener

My hosta seeds are up and growing and I should be transplanting and culling very soon. I am very excited about some of my new seedling!!!

If you like hostas and would like to learn more about them, check out my blog "Discovering Hostas with the Creative Gardener".


Lona said…
I have never saw that Hosta before Debbie. I love the muted shades of color in it.
I've never seen it before. I like it! It'd be interesting to watch it changing colors!
Claudia said…
hosta are my fav. I've never seen this one - will add it to my list of 'gotta haves'. Have a ggreat day.