Love Those Orchids!

Paphiopedilum Orchids

Recently I was looking at some old photos that I had taken of some orchids. I have always been fascinated with orchids. They are exotic, different and very beautiful. In my years of gardening, I have grown orchids and found them to be very enjoyable to grow. Orchids have always been considered hard to grow, very expensive to buy and difficult to find. Over the years, all that has changed. Orchids can be purchased at nurseries, hardware stores and retail discount chain stores at very reasonable prices. I just purchased a Phalaenopsis for $5.00 at the grocery store yesterday. They are not that difficult to grow and you do not have to have a greenhouse to grow orchids in. Orchids can be enjoyed in your home just like any other house plant. If you want to grow orchids or receive one for Christmas, take the time to learn about your plant. It is important to know the needs of your orchid plant. Different plants have different temperature, lighting, fertilization and watering needs just like other plants in your house or garden. If you provide your plant with what it needs you will enjoy beautiful flowers in your home or garden for years to come.

Miltonia Orchid

Cattleya Orchids

Do you grow orchids?

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Happy Gardening!

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Anonymous said…
I have been growing orchids for 14 years and have found that the Paphs are the easiest to keep healthy and reblooming in my conditions. There are a couple of Cattleyas, but my heart belongs to the Paphs. They are full of promising buds right now, to bloom in 2012 to make winter seem less dreary.
Lona said…
Debbie the orchids are so beautiful. I love the Miltonia Orchid. They do not grow well for me because I think I drown them but I love their blooms.
Planters said…
I think orchids are beautiful, though only tried growing one this year. To be honest, I've had a bit of trouble with it - it shed its petals pretty quickly after I got it in the summer and hasn't flowered since :( It still looks pretty healthy, has good, green leaves. Could be a case of too much sunlight? It's positioned on the kitchen windowsill facing south. I've cut back the stem and repotted it, hopefully that might encourage it...

Yours look absolutely gorgeous!! I'm jealous ;)