Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - January 2012

I nearly forgot that it was Garden Blogger's Bloom Day! When you have snow on the ground you stop thinking flowers in the garden and spend your time looking at flowers in catalogues. I do have some plants in bud in the garden like Witch Hazel, Flowering Quince and Hellebores, but I am hoping that they wait till the weather improves some before flowering.

Inside the house I have been growing Hostas from seed and I have around 35 nice streaked Hostas for the test garden this year. I grow the Hosta seedlings under lights 24/7 from October to May.

The Orchids are blooming and still setting more buds for future flowers.

In the greenhouse, I carried over tropicals, geraniums and wax begonias that continue to bloom. They will be returned to the garden in the spring.

Happy Gardening everyone and have a great Garden Blogger's Bloom Day!

The Creative Gardener


bookworm said…
Lovely photos - lovely orchards. I do not know anyone who grows hosta from seeds. Maybe something for me to consider when I finally retire. Happy GBBD.
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anne jhonson said…
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