The Worms Crawl In.....The Worms Crawl Out

Last year I attended a class on how to compost using kitchen food waste and worms. After attending the class I was excited to give vermicomposting a try. I searched around online looking for a worm compost bin that would meet my needs and I purchased a four bin unit. The composter that I ordered did not come with worms and after looking around online again, I purchased my red wiggler worms. While wait for my worms to arrive, I prepared their new home per the instruction that came with the bin. In about two weeks my worms arrived in the mail. When I opened the mail box there was the typical assortment of junk mail and a small box containing my worms. I started sorting my mail in the house and I found dead worms in my mail. It seems that during the shipping of my worms there had been a mutiny and most of them had escaped. Out of the 100 worms that I ordered, I still had around 25 left. I am still not sure how they got out of a burlap bag and a sealed box, but they did. I am sure that the mail truck and everyone in the neighborhood had worms in their mail that day. I started my bin with fewer worms but to my surprise those few worms have populated the bin quickly. It seems that worms just eat, reproduce and make waste (if you know what I mean) and they have done a wonderful job. I have been surprised at how much they can eat and what they eat. My worms have been very busy and I am now on my second bin. This year I will use my worm castings as an organic fertilizer and soil conditioner for my vegetable garden. Should be a good year for tomatoes!

Happy Gardening!
The Creative Gardener

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