Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - March 2012

I was visiting the Indiana Flower and Patio show yesterday and I spotted this cute little hoe sign. It made me think of Carol at May Dreams Garden. This picture is for you Carol!
Now to my garden and how it is growing on this 80 degree day in Indianapolis. As you can see my garden is looking beautiful! Just do not tell that this photo is really a garden at the Indiana Flower and Patio Show. I cannot believe the weather that we are having. It seems that all my plants are growing and changing every hour. I can remember attending the Indiana Flower and Patio Show in the past, walking in ice and snow and feeling frozen to the bone from the cold. I don't remember ever going to the show with the outside temperature at 80 degrees.

My Daffodils are starting to bloom and my Lilac bushes are showing purple flower buds.
The Tulips are starting to bloom all over my garden.
This Forsythia bush was in bud on Tuesday evening and in bloom that next morning.
The Hellebores are in full bloom and looking very pretty.
The Crocus are up and blooming all over the garden. I really have enjoyed the weather this winter. It has allowed me to work in my garden in the off season from my gardening business and complete projects. I have installed new raised vegetable beds, installed landscape beams, and fix the leak in the pond that I have been trying to find for several years. The project for today is to start cleaning out the compost pile and moving that black gold to my flower beds. I hope that your garden is growing as well as mine and I also hope that we don't have a sudden change back to winter!
Happy Gardening!
The Creative Gardener
Check back for my next blog with pictures from the Indiana Flower and Patio Show.
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Your blooms are lovely. I had the same experience with my forsythia. It was in bud just a few days ago, and now it is blooming. Spring is not officially here, but it is here in my garden. Happy Bloom Day!
Lona said…
Hi Debbie. This weather has been so terrific! What beauties at the Flower show. I love the Hoe sign. LOL! Your garden is blooming to though with those tulips. Your garden is ahead of mine. Lovely blooms in today's posting. Have a wonderful warm week.
Glad spring is showing its face in your 'neck of the woods'. We are almost ready to put the a/c on today. Gonna be a hot long summer.
My hostas are starting to show!
greggo said…
nice blooms. happy belated gbbd.
Becca's Dirt said…
Beautiful hellebore and crocus. Isn't the weather crazy this year.