Water Feature Ideas

Last week, I made my annual trip to the Indiana Flower and Patio Show. I have always enjoyed this show and it comes at a great time in Indiana when normally we are still having snow. It is wonderful to walk in the gardens and enjoy the fragrances of the many blooming flowers and trees. It just gets you very excited about the return of spring. The Indiana Flower and Patio Show is always a great place to get lots of good decorating ideas. I thought I would share with you over several blog posts, some of the highlights from the show. Today's post is all about water features for the garden. I hope you enjoy the photos and find some ideas for your garden.

I like the moss added to this pond. It makes the pond feel like it has some age to it and the moss softens the hard rock edges.
I thought this water feature was colorful and a great way to recycle used wine bottles.

The tubes that you see standing up are copper tubing with water coming out of the top of each one. It works as a fountain yet adds an artistic look to the water feature. Reminds me of reeds.

I hope you enjoyed the water features from the Indiana Flower and Patio Show and maybe found some ideas you can use in your garden. Check back for my next post on "Container Ideas" from the Indiana Flower and Patio Show.
Happy Gardening!
The Creative Gardener


Lona said…
What a bunch of fantastic water features. So many different ideas. The bottles are a new and fun idea. And water & fire is pretty together. What a great show it was. Thanks for sharing.
I am in the minority where it comes to water features, but then, I live on a water feature. If I didn't live on the lake, I would want some kind of water. The urn with the water coming out is one of my favorites.
Clint Baker said…
Very cool thanks for sharing!
Freda Cameron said…
Some inspirational ideas! I love the sound of water in a garden and have never regretted building a waterfall here beside our patio...that is now private, secret and secluded since the trees and shrubs are mature. Water can make a place special.
Water features said…
I really like the more natural looking water features. I think the key to creating an effective and natural looking outdoor feature is to accentuate the rustic naturalistic look. At least that's my reflection on this collection of photos.
Everyone needs a break to fight out the stress being piled up on themselves and this type of water features can do a lot in this regard
Awesome post !! Thanks for sharing.
Janeen Jensen said…
I like you love the Indy Flower and Patio Show. It is so inspiring but I must not have been paying attention because I missed some of the displays you photographed. I will certainly need to look better this year, I would have had some other ideas. I will do better this year. It's certainly worth taking the day off to get the smell of summer in my mind. Love your pictures.