Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - April 2012

This Garden Blogger's Bloom Day finds me a very happy gardener! The gardens are looking wonderful, even with the weather bouncing back and forth from hot to cold. Many plants bloomed early and some didn't bloom as long as they normally would have. It seems that my garden is back on it's normal growth schedule and I have not had any problems from low temperatures and freezes damaging the plants.
Why am I a happy gardener? That huge pile of composted mulch, leaves and manure is the reason why. My garden is coming up on a garden tour and over the years I have never seen my garden mulched. I am looking forward to seeing the garden well manicured for the first time. I normally compost everything back into my garden, but I cannot make the amount of compost I need to do such a large garden. Starting tomorrow, I will spend the next 6 weeks weeding and mulching.
I was also excited yesterday to have a window salesman visit to give us an estimate on windows. It seems that he makes garden art as a hobby and would love to put some of his art in my garden. He will be attending the garden tour to show his art work. Who knew!
Now take a tour of the garden and just ignore the weeds!

I love this Japanese maple!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Garden Blogger's Bloom Day and I am off to start mulching. Fun Fun!
Happy Gardening!
The Creative Gardener


Freda Cameron said…
What a lot of work, but will be so lovely!
That Jmaple is gorgeous!
Carol said…
I want to come for a real tour someday, but not until that mulch pile is gone. You might put me to work. I love that bunny statue, I think it is just like mine or mine is like yours.
gardenenvy said…
Sounds like fun. Wish I could tour your garden, it looks beautiful and so large!! I like that Japanese maple also. Jeannine
What a lovely garden in the woods...don't overdo it and enjoy the garden tour...people will be ohhhing and ahhing before you know it.
I love how fresh mulch makes the plants pop in the landscape! That is a gorgeous maple! Good luck getting your garden ready for the tour!
How fun to have him offer to share some of his garden art with you. (hope it is something you like!!)
I need to mulch more of my gardens. We got around the house done, but the back yard NEEDS it!!
Lona said…
You are going to be one busy lady. It takes so much work to get those gardens ready for showing because we are our own worst judges on how they should look.Every weed looks like a tree. LOL! Your Maple is just beautiful. I am glad the frosts and freezes have not damaged your garden. Some of the blooms on my bulbs did not last near long enough with the heat we got. Then a few got burnt with the freeze but everything is still ahead this year.