Magic in the Garden

 The other day, I had a guest in my garden that referred to the garden as "magical".  I never thought of my garden as magical until several days later.  Yesterday I walked out into the garden with my watering can to water some plants that I had transplanted earlier in the day.  I was surprised when I walked into that section of the garden to find it was full of butterflies. There were about two dozen butterflies fluttering around the garden.  It was a breezy day and they were resting on plants or fluttering around in groups of three to five.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  I went back to the house and got my camera and returned to the garden.  I spent nearly an hour watching the butterflies and taking pictures.  I felt like Snow White in the Disney film surround by butterflies.  I was amazed at how close they came to me and I even had one sit on my shoe. 
 I did some research on the butterflies and found that they were Painted Ladies and Red Admirals.  They were mating and searching out their mates.  I am really glad they came to my garden because it was a spectacular show to watch.  It seems that they were attracted to some of the weeds that are growing near my garden as larval food.
After the butterfly incident in my garden, I have decided that maybe my garden really is a magical garden!

Happy Gardening!



Lona said…
How pretty Debbie. It is magical. I love watching the Butterflies too. They are so delicate that you wonder how they ever make it on such long distances to travel. Have a lovely weekend.
Crystal said…
That truly is magical. We don't have any butterflies around at the moment, and when they do appear, they are very camera-shy.
Hello, lovely to see some butterfly sightings on your blog despite the overall poor weather. Just thought you might like to know that the butterfly on the left in the second photo along with the Red Admiral is a Comma. Its name comes from the fact that the underwing has a little white comma shaped mark. Always a treat to see butterflies in the garden. Best wishes, Linda
Beautiful photography!
Anonymous said…
Your garden and blog is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your passion with all of us. I'm not a gardener myself - but really do appreciate natural beauty! I'm looking forward to future posts from you :-)
Anonymous said…
Congratulations on finding the magic in your garden -- and the season is just starting!
Garden Centre said…
It seems that they were attracted to some of the weeds that are growing near my garden as larval food.

Garden centre Devon
I like when someone comes to my garden and I get to see my place through their eyes. Glad yours is magical, can't imagine it would be anything but magical.