Top Garden Blogs Award

I just found out that "Garden Thyme with the Creative Gardener" was selected as a nominee for the "Top Garden Blogs Award" by e College Finder.  I know that there are thousands of gardening blogs out there and I feel very honored to have been nominated. If you have enjoyed the blog, you can cast your vote by clicking the green button on the right. Look for my blogs name, cast your vote and hit "vote" at the bottom of the list of blogs. There are 51 blogs listed and you may even find some new blogs that you may enjoy reading and want to follow. You can also go to to vote. Anyone can vote one time and there is no sign up.
 "Thank You" to the person who nominated my blog - you made my day!

Happy Gardening and Thank You!!!!!


Congratulations Debbie! (I am on the list too.)