Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - May 2012

I just about forgot that today was Garden Blogger's Bloom Day.  I have been very busy preparing the garden for an upcoming garden tour and working.  The gardens are looking wonderful this year.  With the early warm up and plenty of rain, I am seeing plants bigger and better than normal. The hydrangea bushes are loaded with flowers buds.
I am just about done with weeding and mulching for the garden tour.  I should have the last garden finished this weekend.  I will have to reweed some of the gardens due to those wonderful maple tree seeds that have germinated and are now growing by the thousands.  A gardener's work is never done.
I have been very happy with my hosta seedlings this year.  These are unregistered seedlings that I started from seed.  The first upper hosta picture shows one of the seedlings that has produced a very unusual flower scape.  I took pictures and showed them to several hosta hybridizers and they have never seen a hosta produce a flower like this one. I hope that this hosta will produce seed and I plan to divide out the one division with the unusual flower scape after it sets seed. Then it is wait to see what happens with this hosta next year. The other hosta in the next picture, has beautiful red petioles with a very upright form. I like the color on this one.

Now here are some more pictures from the garden.
Hosta and painted fern
The Pond Garden is full of color and blooms this year.

Sweetspire in bloom in the Rose Garden.

Iris blooming in the Japanese Garden
Foam Flower blooming in the Hydrangea Garden
I am looking forward to next month's Garden Blogger Bloom Day when all of the hydrangeas should be in bloom.  This could not have been a better year for a garden tour! That about it for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day from my garden. Time to get back to weeding and mulching!

Happy Gardening!


Interesting flower scape on that hosta. I am very impressed with your seedlings.
Beautiful garden Debbie, know those on the garden tour will be 'wowed'!
HolleyGarden said…
Your garden looks beautiful. I hope you have a very successful tour. Very interesting about your hosta! That must be so exciting! Good luck with your seedlings.
Anonymous said…
Hello Debbie, This is "Bozo", I had to change my name. It's lovely to see a new post from you and your garden is looking absolutely beautiful! I wish I were walking through it now - although, your pictures are so vibrant that I almost feel like I am.

Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Debbie, I've given you one a blogging award. These awards don't really go with your style of blogging - so I don't expect you to take it up here - but I do hope that some of my friends stop by to visit your gardens!

This is where you're mentioned
Lona said…
Debbie your garden beds are filling in and looking so pretty. I love the bed around your pond. The iris is gorgeous. Have a wonderful weekend.
Casa Mariposa said…
What a beautiful garden! We have several of the same flowers. Love all your tiarellas. :o)
Seth Danks said…
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