Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - June 2010

I just got home from working in a client's garden this morning and I am enjoying not being in the hot sun weeding and mulching.  It is just nice to write, enjoy a cold glass of ice tea and stay cool. 

Well a lot has happened in the garden since the last Garden Blogger's Bloom Day.  I had a garden tour this past Monday and the garden was really looking great with the hydrangeas blooming.  We have had the right conditions for hydrangeas this year.  Now the bad news is that we are not getting rain and we are four inches below where we should be in rainfall. I just drag hoses around the garden and keep watering every other day. Here are a few photos of the garden.

 One of these days, I am going to sit down at this table and just enjoy the garden!
 This is a new piece of garden art that was made for the garden.  The piece is all recycled items.
The woodland garden is full of ferns, hydrangeas and hostas.  This garden is getting very dry from lack of rain.
 Here are just a few of the many varieties of hydrangea in the garden.  I have around sixty plants and this year every one of them is blooming or have flower buds coming on. 

 The fountain with a large floral arrangement on top is very pretty this year. I did have a bird make a nest in it.
The tropical plants have been doing very well in the garden.  I have bananas, pineapples, Bird of Paradise, hibiscus and figs growing.  My fig plant has four small figs.

The vegetable garden has the first tomato coming on from the plants that I started from seed.  I cannot wait to have that first homegrown tomato!

I am now working on changing two gardens around since the tour is over.  One garden had an invasive plant that was taking over. I plan to replant this weekend.  The second garden is being moved to a better site.  I am moving a miniature garden.  The new site will allow me to have better light, water and electricity for a miniature water feature.  Check back for a post on the miniature garden.  That is it for this Garden Blogger's Bloom Day and I hope you have a great summer!

Happy Gardening!



karen kennedy said…
The garden was beautiful. I could camp out over there anytime :)
Anonymous said…
Looking beautiful as always! Really is peaceful to come here and step into your world :)
Bernie H said…
I'd love to sit at the table for a few hours myself. You have a beautiful garden and it's looking lovely despite the lack of rain. The new piece of garden art looks great in that spot, and I just love your collection of Hydrangeas.
Seth Danks said…
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