After the Blizzard

The day after Christmas came as a blizzard for the Indianapolis area.  We received 7 1/2 inches of snow.  The wind was blowing hard as the snow came down making it difficult to see.  Today is another story.  The blizzard has moved on and the sun is shining, making it a great time to walk in the garden and take some photos of the beauty that the snow has left behind. Enjoy the photos!

Dried Hydrangea flowers.


This bird nest is not hidden in the Wisteria anymore.

Weeping Spruce

The toad barn is empty this time of the year.

Even the weeds retreated to a protected spot from the snow.

I hope you enjoyed the photos. Don't forget to check back for my next blogs reviewing some very new plants.

Happy Gardening!



Lona said…
So lovely to look at Debbie. I love how it piles up on the winter foliage making them so pretty. The Fairies look cold though.LOL! Have a wonderful New Year ahead.
Anonymous said…
Cute blog ! :) <3