My Favorite Gardening Guy

In October of this year, I attended the Indiana Master Gardener State Conference in Hamilton County.  I had heard that Paul James would be the guest speaker for the banquet.  Over the years, I had watched Paul on television talking about gardening and having the opportunity to see him was a MUST.  Paul's show was called "Gardening by the Yard" and each week he would interview many people in the industry who would share their knowledge about plants and gardening.  Paul filmed his show in his own yard, which made it more special to me.  I wasn't seeing an expensive yard that was out of my reach, but a yard of another Master Gardener.  Every weekend, my Saturday or Sunday began with watching Paul in his yard making gardening fun with his humor.  I really miss seeing his show.  "Thank you" Paul, for sharing your gardening knowledge, humor and inspiring all of us who love gardening. I know that you inspired me!
Debbie and Paul James - The Gardener Guy
(picture by Karen Kennedy)
Happy Gardening!
Update:  This past year has been a very busy time for me and the new year brings new opportunities.  I have closed and retired from my garden maintenance business.  I plan to enjoy working in my own garden, spend time working on all those DIY projects that need to be started and expanding my garden writing.  I hope that everyone has a Happy Holiday and a great New Year!


gardenenvy said…
I watched him all the time too! Seems I never find gardening shows on HGTV anymore. Jeannine