Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - January 2013

This Garden Blogger's Bloom Day finds my garden cold, frozen and flooded.  I live on the White River and due to the heavy snow, recent warm up and rain, the river has flooded.
My duck topiaries that are planted in the ground, look to be swimming in the river.
The gazebo, which was the site of my son's wedding in October, is now sitting in flood water. The good news is that the river has crested today and all that water will be back where it should be in a few days.  My garden floods like this every year and I have never had a plant die from the flooding yet. 
The garden is showing signs of life.  The Witch Hazel is starting to show color  (top photo) and my Flowering Quince in the lower photo looks like it could burst into flower very soon.
This yellow colored Witch Hazel has already showed some flowering but has stopped due to the cold.
Inside the greenhouse, all the geraniums and begonias that were left over from last year continue to bloom.
The Lenton Rose in the garden has started to show future flowers, but it is also holding off due to the cold temperatures we are now having.

Last year I decided to add a small preformed pond I had inside my greenhouse.  Due to the size of my goldfish and their ability to reproduce, my outdoor pond was too small to leave the fish in during the winter.  The fish are very happy in the greenhouse and the pond provides a better environment for my plants in the winter.  The best part is that I can enjoy my fish during the winter and I don't have to maintain a heated section in the outdoor pond for winter. I plan to dig a much larger pond come spring.

I have not been writing as much as I would like.  Life sometimes keeps us busy.  I have closed my garden maintenance business and retired. I finished the DIY house remodel in time for the wedding and we had the wedding in October, which was beautiful.  I now plan to enjoy working in my own garden, take on a few DIY projects and start doing more garden writing (I promise).

Happy Gardening!



Debbie, that flooding would scare me, but then we had so much flooding in VA. Good thing your gardens aren't harmed by the flood waters (ours was brackish water-- so many plants disappeared)
How nice to be retired!! Look forward to seeing more posts.