New and in Review - Luscious Berry Blend

Over the summer, I had the opportunity to grow a new trial plant from Proven Winners.  The plant was a Lantana hybrid called Luscious Berry Blend.  I planted one in the ground and one in a container.  The plant is advertised as drought, heat and humidity tolerant.  It did very well in my garden and was one of the few plants that bloomed all season considering Indiana was in the worse drought in over 100 years.
The plant produces beautiful flowers that were bright pink and yellow mixed into a dark green foliage. It grows in a mounded shape and will grow between 24 to 36 inches tall with a 20 to 30 inch spread. It does prefer full sun and in my zone 6a garden it is considered an annual. Luscious Berry Blend will attract butterflies and hummingbirds to the garden as an extra bonus. 
Did I like this plant?  Yes, I did!  Before the frost took the plants, I moved them into my greenhouse.  I plan to replant them into the garden and enjoy them again. I would suggest that you give this award winning plant a try in your garden!
Happy Gardening!


I don't have this lantana, but the ones I do have in the garden are popular with the butterflies and hummingbirds.