Add Some "Spring" to Your Containers

Spring is coming and now is the time to start getting that landscape prepared for it's arrival. You can start cleaning up the garden beds, picking up yard debris and pruning different plants in the landscape. Garden maintenance needs to be done early before many of the spring flowering plants and bulbs start to break ground and grow.
As you start the process of spring cleanup, consider adding some color to that drab winter garden with some colorful containers of spring flowering plants and bulbs.  Many local stores will be receiving in pots of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, ornamental cabbage and pansies that can be planted in containers to give some much needed color to the garden. 
When selecting containers look for ones that compliment the plants that you will be using.  Containers can be ceramic, cement, wood or other types of materials.  They should have good drainage, color and be frost proof. When planting your containers, use a quality soil designed for containers.
 Use a thriller, spiller and filler method for planting.  If you have not heard of this method, a thriller would be something big and attractive like the tulips in the picture above.  The filler would be a smaller plant to fill in the pot and the spiller would be a plant that hangs down the sides of the pot. The ivy in the picture above is serving as a filler and a spiller. You can have multiple plants for fillers. Remember to select plants that can withstand changing weather and temperatures based on the zone that you live in.
Here are a few examples of  containers and window boxes decorated for spring. You might notice that all the containers used ivy for the spiller plant.  When your containers need to be changed you can remove the spring plants and continue to use the ivy with summer and fall blooming plants.
Azalea and ivy
Daffodils, spikes and ivy
Tulips, daffodils, ivy and a houseplant
Azalea and ivy
Assorted spring bulbs with ivy
Cyclamens and ivy
Assorted spring bulbs with ivy
Tulips, pansies and ivy
Tulips, ivy and pansies
When preparing your containers for spring, add some moss or wood mulch on top of the soil for some added protection for the plants from the cold.  Use one or group several containers together for added color and balance. Don't forget to add some colorful containers inside your home to enjoy.  Now get out there and start getting that garden ready for spring!
Happy Gardening!