Adding Warmth to the Landscape

Each year in my landscape, I take on a new project. Over the last 10 years, most of what I have been doing was adding plants, beds and pathways.  This year, I plan to take on an area of the landscape that has been very much neglected. I have been looking into installing a larger patio area. A warm inviting place where family and friends can gather.  Our current patio area is very small and not very appealing. 
 I have taken lots of pictures from different garden shows that I have attended, looking for ideas that I like and could use for the project.  One of the current trends is adding a fire feature to the landscape. I was exploring all the photos I have taken over the years looking for what would look good with my design.  After looking at all my photos, I decided to share some of them with you. If you are sitting at home on a cold winter day and planning your landscape for next year, take a look at some of these ideas.  I have lots of photos of different fire features in many price ranges from the simple project for the DIY person to the expensive installation by the PROS.  Look at the possibilities!
What type of fire feature did I decide on for my patio project?  I found a very nice hammered copper chimenea fire pit.  I live in a home that once was a barn and my family likes a very rustic look.  The hammered copper and black wrought iron chimenea seemed just right for my project. It was easy to clean, move and I love the look of copper in the garden.
I now have a plan for the patio project and I am getting bids for the paver installation.  All I need now is some warm weather to dig and transplant out some shrubs and perennials in the area that will need to be moved during the installation project.  During the project, I plan to have under decking installed to create a dry area for those rainy days.  Since the area will be tore up for awhile, my plan will also include enlarging and moving my fish pond closer to the patio area where you can enjoy watching the fish. Some of the project will take the PROS and some of the project I can do myself, like installing the pond and plantings. I know one thing. It is going to be a very busy spring!
Check back for my blogs on this patio project in the next few months and see the final results.
Happy Gardening!