Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - February 2013

This Garden Blogger's Bloom Day does not find much blooming yet in my garden.  The Witch Hazel is blooming some days and other days the petals are curled up from the cold.  The Hellebores in the garden are starting to show some color in what will be blooms, but they are also waiting for warmer weather.  Yesterday was a good day to get out and start cleaning up the gardens and I did get lots of leaves cleaned up. Today it is cold and we have a few snow flakes that are coming down.
 I have been digging up and potting perennials and shrubs due to a patio and deck remodel. It is not an easy job when the plants have not started coming up. Today the installers are taking down part of the deck and setting the post for the new stairs.  Next week another company will start installing patio pavers.  Once the pavers are installed the deck installers will start rebuilding the deck and stairs.  This project will be going on for several weeks depending on the weather.  After the pavers and deck are complete, I will start building a fish pond next to the patio that will be bigger and deeper than what I currently have.
The plans for the deck and patio is on schedule and I can't wait to see what it will look like when the trees and shrubs leaf out and the perennial plants break ground.  Check back for future blogs and pictures on the entire remodel from start to finish.  That is about all that is going on in my garden this month, which is more than enough. Next month's Garden Blogger's Bloom Day should have flowers and a complete patio and deck.
Happy Gardening!


Lea said…
What a wonderful garden project!
Happy Bloom Day!
Lea's Menagerie
HolleyGarden said…
Your witch hazel is lovely. And getting a new deck and patio - with a larger fish pond sounds wonderful!
NellJean said…
Your Witch Hazel looks like the fancier cousin of my Sassafras which is starting to bloom.

Looking forward to seeing your newly established garden around the finished construction soon.
Your witch hazel is beautiful. How exciting to have a project going on that hopefully will be ready to kick off spring. Our cherry trees are blooming which always makes me itch for spring. I know its not far off.