Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - March 2013

Iceland Poppy 'Champagne Bubbles'
This Garden Blogger's Bloom Day finds the weather to still be cold.  The Witch Hazels are still in bloom, but everything else is just waiting for warmer weather.  The weather just has not been cooperating this year.  I am O.K. with it, due to the fact that we are installing a new paver patio. If the plants are not up, they are protected from being damaged during the installation process.  The patio pavers should all be installed by the end of today.  The sand that will be swept over the pavers will have to wait till the temperatures improve.  Starting Monday, the deck installers will start installing new deck materials on the existing deck. Both of the projects are running behind due to snow.

The patio project
Even with the winter like weather persisting, the nursery plants are arriving in at many of the local nurseries.  Which is nice, just to be able to see garden plants arriving, with the promise of warmer weather to come.  On a recent trip to a nursery, I picked up two Iceland poppies for the garden.  Since they cannot go outside right now, I have enjoyed their flowers inside the house. In the house, I have a few orchids in bloom to enjoy and I have been growing my tomatoes and hostas from seed.  Spring will come, with warm weather and hopefully soon!
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Happy Garden Blogger's Bloom Day


Carolyn said…
Looks like you have a couple of great projects going on... kudos to you! I promised we were at the end of our projects a few years back, but somehow that didn't happen. Thankfully my honey is a good sport. He does the hard stuff for me. Stay warm... sunshine is coming!
Carol said…
I didn't know you could get Iceland poppies in bloom right now. I should look for some!

Thanks for joining in for bloom day!