More Great Water Features for the Garden

Don't you just enjoy the sound of water in a garden?  Whether it is a fountain, waterfall or the soft trickling sound of a stream, water features add beauty and a relaxing feel to a garden.  I like water features in my garden.  Having a large garden, I can get away with having several in my landscape.  When I go to garden shows or go on garden tours, I like to take photos of the many different types that are available and post them to my blog for others to enjoy and to get ideas from for their own gardens.  Here are some new photos that I recently took of some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Natural looking waterfall and stream.

Three urns on a pondless bed of rock.

An old fashion well pump and a bucket.

Three stepping stones stacked on a bed of rock.

A large lighted water feature.

A large rock in a  pondless water feature.

A waterfall and pond for a very small garden or a corner of a garden.

A large metal water feature made of rebar, saw blades and gears.

The new trend of fire and water.

A copper weeping tree fountain.

Stacked cinder blocks with water and planting spaces for plants in the holes.

The water streams down real pine cones like a rain chain into a pond.

A waterfall and stack stone that looks like a car with tires and headlights.

Copper lily pads as a water feature.

Copper water pipes used as a water feature.

I hope you liked the photos of water features.  If you have been considering a water feature and would like to see more photos, please check my past blog posts on Water Features for the Garden. Get inspired and do something creative in the garden this spring!
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Happy Gardening!


Debbie, I much enjoyed all the different water features you posted today. Water is such an important element for the garden. Here along the shores of Lake Michigan - I have a pretty big water feature! I do have some smaller ones I created for a couple of the different garden rooms. I just never want any of the smaller water features to out shine the lake. It is the life of this place. You might enjoy going back into some past postings. I often incorporate the lake into garden photos. Jack
Lorenzo said…
These look like great water features if you are limited on space and want the benefit of low maintenance.
I just love water features especially as garden decors :) They just complete the tropical paradise theme of myu garden :)