Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - April 2013

The blood root is in full bloom.
This Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, finally has the garden alive and blooming.  We had a sudden warm up and the garden responded with lots of growth, buds and flowers.  My weeping cherry tree is in full flower and the bees are swarming all over it.  I have never seen so many different types of bees at one time on this tree. If you want to see what is happening in my garden, take a look at the photos of spring in my garden.

A honey bee enjoying the flowers of the weeping cherry tree.

A bumble bee flying from flower to flower.

 Hellebores are now in full bloom.

The fragrance of a blooming hyacinth is wonderful.

The forget me nots are up and blooming.

The forsythia bushes are all in full bloom.

The vinca is blooming all over the garden.

The red bud tree is starting to show signs of flower buds.

Marsh marigold is blooming.

The flowering quince should be in full bloom in several days.

My lilac bushes are all in bud.
 If you have been reading my past blog post, you know that we have been working on a patio and deck remodel.  The patio is now complete and the deck construction will be complete in about another week. During the construction, I had moved several trees, shrubs and lots of perennials. February was not the best time to dig up plants, but I was trying to save as many plants as possible before construction began. I am happy to report that they all survived their moves and are now leafing out in their new locations.  I still have a few plants to move, but I need to wait till they are fully up.  It is not easy to design and plant a garden when the plants are not up.  Now is a good time to redesign and plant the new garden with cool temperatures and lots of rain.  I will be doing a full blog post in the next few weeks of the completed project.  You will want to check back for the post with the before and after photos.  Should be exciting and a very big change!

I hope that everyone is enjoying the warmer weather and the beginning of a new garden season.

Happy Garden Blogger's Bloom Day!


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Lona said…
I just love this time of the year when those first flowers start blooming. Just make one feel so excited and hopeful again after a long winter. Lovely pictures. I really like the Bloodroot blooms.
Edwin said…
Greatly they are surely blooming very well.
Mid april is indeed the day were flowers starts bloom, its a perfect day at all under the shining rays of sun lightning the whole garden.