Signs of Spring

Last week, I walked the gardens and was thinking that spring would never come.  Then suddenly we had a warm up. It was amazing what several days of warm weather can do for a dormant garden.  Buds that looked like it would be a week or more before they would fully open are now open or starting to show color.  Just look what is happening!

The weeping cherry tree should be in bloom by Friday.

The magnolia is showing color.

The hellebore are blooming away.

Some of my tulips are blooming.

The daffodils are starting to bloom all over the garden.

The primroses are blooming in the woodland garden.

The bloodroot is just about to bloom.

More primroses are blooming.

This is my first forsythia bush to bloom. Always a sign of spring.

The vinca is covered in purple flowers.

The lilac bushes are showing flower color.

Yes, it does appear that spring has finally arrived! I know that I am ready to enjoy some sunshine and warm weather.  I hope your garden is up and blooming or starting to show some signs of spring.  Enjoy!

Have a great spring and as always "Happy Gardening".



Becca's Dirt said…
Looks like spring is about to burst in your yard. Pretty blooms.
gardenenvy said…
Spring is the best in the garden! Jeannine