It's a Sensation of a Lilac

Years ago, I purchased a lilac for my garden. The plant tag showed these beautiful lilac flowers and I couldn't resist it. I took my new shrub home and found what I thought would be the ideal location in the garden and planted my new find.  The years past and not one flower. I studied my gardening books and tried to figure out what was wrong. I decided to dig the plant up and move it to a new location that would give it full sun.  Over the years of waiting, the garden's lighting conditions had changed. The spot that I had planted the lilac was not as sunny as it should have been. 

Changing the location was what was needed.  The following year, I had two flowers and each year since, it had produced more blooms.  This year it is a sensation! Which if I didn't mention is the name of the lilac.  Syringa vulgaris 'Sensation', is a beautiful lilac for the landscape.  It produces fragrant purple flowers that are edged in white that bloom from April to May. It grows in Zones 3-7 and it needs full sun but can take some light shade. It is an easy low maintenance shrub that needs a light pruning after it is done blooming. This lilac prefers to grow in a rich, neutral soil that is well drained. It will grow from 8 to 15 feet in height with a spread between 6 to 12 feet. This year I was thrilled with the amount of flowers my shrub produced. I can't wait to see what happens next year!

The patio and deck projects that I have been writing about are now complete.  I just finished digging and installing my new fish pond. The painting and most of the decorating is now done.  I still need to plant some new shrubs along the fence and dig out the old shrubs.  I will be posting pictures of the completed project in the next couple of weeks. I am giving the garden some time to grow and fill in. The project has taken longer than we expected due to weather, back orders of materials and waiting on contractors to finish, but it looks great and was worth the wait. Check back for the before and after photos in the next couple of weeks.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful spring and that your garden is growing as well as mine this year.

Happy Gardening!



gardenenvy said…
It is such a happy day when a plant finally responds and blooms! Beautiful lilac. Jeannine
Jan Conwell said…
Oh I would love to be able to grow lilac here...we're too far south now. But we had one at base housing up in Montana, just outside the door. Lovely.