Miniature Garden in a Cart

Recently, I have really got into miniature gardening. It is project that is fun to do and it is a garden that is easy to maintain considering how big my garden is.  I had this garden cart in the yard for years and I decided it could make a nice miniature garden.

This garden does not contain furniture like my big garden has.  I felt that the cart was nice and something simple and natural looking would work the best.   I used a piece of pond liner to line the cart and added several drain holes in the liner bottom.  I filled the cart with container soil and added pieces of limestone at different  heights to give depth and different levels in the garden.

I added a small piece of pond liner for a pool and added rock around the liner.  I planted two small boxwoods that will be my trees and I added assorted plants with lots of color, blooms and texture. 

After it was planted, I watered it in and now I will let it grow and fill in.  It was as easy as that!
Happy Gardening!