Pallet Gardening

This is a new garden project that I have been working on that is made from an old wood pallet. Pallet gardens are easy to make and a great way to recycle. It is also a vertical garden and takes up very little space. If you want to make one for your garden, here is how to do it. 

Step 1
Find an old pallet that is in good shape and free of stains or broken wood.  You can paint, stain or just leave it natural. Pallets come in wood or plastic.

Step 2
Cover the back side with weed barrier and the bottom with weed barrier.  I used a weed barrier that was made from recycled soda bottles.  Double the fabric on the back and bottom.  You can attach the fabric with heavy duty staples.  Make sure that you use lots of staples on the back to hold the fabric tight to the pallet. You will use lots of staples for this project.
After the pallet has been covered with the weed barrier, you can lay it flat on the ground and fill the pallet with commercial potting soil.  Make sure that you push the soil in between the slats tightly.  If you don't push the soil in tightly, when you lift the pallet upright, the dirt will fall out.

Step 3
Now you can start planting your pallet garden.  I used an assortment of succulents in my garden. I planted the front first then I lifted the pallet upright.  You will need to add some extra soil to the top (was the side), then plant it. After you plant the pallet, lightly water the plants. I have my garden slightly tilted and leaning against my stairway post. Letting it sit slightly tilted for several weeks will allow the plants to root in and not fall out when I water the garden. 
You can use all different types of plants for your pallet garden from herbs, flowering annuals, miniature hosta, houseplants and succulents. Your pallet garden can be planted for sun or shade loving plants. Get creative with your pallet garden.  The possibilities are endless.

Happy Gardening!