What's New in the Garden

It has been a very busy gardening season this year.  Since we have been receiving normal amounts of rainfall this year, it has allowed me to start working on a major project of redesigning and adding new garden beds. The project is taking longer due to a foot injury earlier in the year and with all the rain, dealing with lots of mosquitoes.  Working in the garden has not been as pleasant when you have to wear long pants, long sleeves, gloves and mosquito netting over your head. The project is coming along and with the rain, everything is growing great. I will take this weather anytime over the drought of last year.

I received lots of new plants to trial this year and I have been very excited with all of them.  Over the next few posts, I will share with you some of my favorites.  In the picture above, the dark colored plant on the right side is Colorblaze Marooned or Solenostemon scutellarioides by Proven Winners.  I received this trial plant to try last year and I overwintered it to enjoy again this year. It has a stunning dark color and has been a great plant to grow. The other plant on the left side is Superbells Pomegranate Punch or Calibrachoa hybrid. The flowers are deep red with a black red center. I really like this plant. It blooms well, is disease resistant and really is pretty.  I have heard lots of good comments on this plant from other garden writers who are growing it. It will be available from Proven Winners in 2014. 

Check back over the next few weeks for information and pictures of other great trial plants that are growing in my garden.

Happy Gardening!


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I recent;y had my garden landscaped and now I got flowering plants and water features. The kids AND the birds love the new garden lol