A New Rose of Sharon

I recently made a trip to Chicago to attend the Independent Garden Center Show. Being a plant lover, I am always looking for something different for the garden and this show is the place to go to find it. While wandering around, I spotted this little plant with a bloom that was familiar, but different. It had thicker leaves and even the flower petals seemed thicker. I was surprised that it was a Rose of Sharon. The plant was called Lil' Kim by Proven Winners. It is a Zone 5-8 plant.

I like Rose of Sharon. In my garden, I have twelve of them. All are large shrubs with different colors of leaves or flowers. They give lots of color to the garden when they are in bloom and that color continues for several months. What made this one different? Lil' Kim only grows 3 to 4 feet tall and wide. It has small flowers that bloom for three days instead of one day like my other Rose of Sharon shrubs. It's size and flowers was what sold this plant for me.

The other day, I was visiting the local Lowe's store and there was Lil' Kim. They had just arrived in and you know how the story ends. Lil' Kim went home in the car.

Happy Gardening!