Big Leaf Hostas

I grow hostas in all sizes, shapes and colors. Like most people, I have lots of the small, medium and large hostas growing in my garden. If you want a hosta that will really get the attention of garden visitors or have that 'WOW' factor, try growing the really BIG hostas. Yes, they do take up lots of space in the garden, but they are show stoppers. The hosta in the picture above is H. 'Sum and Substance'. It grows in a mound shape and the average size is about 31 inches tall and 70 inches wide. The leaf size is about 16 long to 14 inches wide.
H. 'Final Summation'

Some of my other favorite big leaf hostas are H. 'Empress Wu', H. 'Key West' and H. 'Blue Mammoth'. I grow tropical plants in containers and I like to mix the containers into the beds with these large leafed hostas for that tropical look. It does give a feel of a lush tropical garden.

When growing the really big hostas, remember it will take 5 to 6 years to get them to their full size. The wait will be worth it when you see just how huge the leaves can get. Give it a try in your garden and you will be hearing 'WOW' from your garden visitors.

Happy Gardening!