Garden Conifers

Pinus flexilis 'Vanderwulf's Pyramid'
Fall has arrived in the garden. Yesterday, we had a big storm that hit our area. Between lots of rain and wind, the garden is full of leaves. Since it is too wet to clean up leaves today, it is a great time to write. Tomorrow I will be cleaning up leaves most of the day.

I enjoy fall in the garden. It is that time of year that you clean up, reevaluate and make plans for next year's garden. Over the past couple of years, I had noticed that I didn't have much color in the garden in the winter. That was when I decided to start adding conifers. Last year I added several weeping varieties and this year I added several more varieties of conifers that will add some color to the winter garden. Here are some of my favorites.

The picture at the top of the post is Vanderwulf's Pyramid Limber Pine. I like the pyramidal growth and the dark twisted growth of the needles. It should be a great accent tree in the garden.

Abies koreana 'Horstmann's Silberlocke'
The second new tree is a variegated Korean Fir. I really like the needles that are fluorescent blue with silver white on the underside. It should be lovely in the garden when mature.

I added this tree several years ago. It is a Blue Atlas Cedar. It is a tree that seems to get lots of attention and comments from garden visitors because of it's color and shape.

This conifer was added two years ago and seems to be doing very well in the garden. It is a Cedrus deodara 'Aurea'. It is out of it's Zone and when I planted it, I made sure that it had plenty of protection from the weather.

This little tree is a Weeping Norway Spruce. I like the way that it weeps and it is a nice specimen tree in the garden.

The last two pictures are Weeping Blue Atlas Cedars. I added these to the garden three years ago. I really like how interesting they are in their shape and the beautiful blue color that they add to the garden all year around.

It seems that every year, I find myself evaluating my garden. The fall and winter is a great time to do this and that helps me make decisions on what I will add to the garden next year. Next year, I would like to add some gold colored conifers for some extra color. Always planning!

Happy Gardening!