A Place to Rest and Enjoy the Garden

This bench is made from treated pine boards.
Every garden needs a bench. It is a place to go, sit down and rest after a hard day of pulling weeds or raking. It is a place to sit and reflect in the garden. It is a place to sit and enjoy the sounds and sights of nature. It can be that beautiful focal point, tucked away in the corner of the garden, and it can be that special place to spend time with family or friends. Yes, every garden needs a bench.

Garden benches come in all sizes, shapes, styles and colors. They can be made of wood, stone, metal, plastic or cement.  There is a style for every garden, both large and small. Garden benches come in many different price ranges and one that can fit in every gardener's budget. Here are some ideas for garden benches that could be in your garden.

A simple stone bench will last for a long time in the garden.

A bench made from recycled car parts. "Go Colts"

A bench seating area made from pre-cast cement block with decorative floral accent pillows.


This beautiful butterfly bench is one of my favorites because it is a bench and a piece of art.

This metal bench with two decorative planted containers, invites you to come, sit and enjoy the sun.

This unstained wood bench from the local box store is still a classic.

A stained wood bench with a floral accent pillow becomes a focal point in this garden.

A simple stained wood bench for that Japanese garden.


A very decorative cast iron bench for that formal garden.

This metal painted butterfly bench would look lovely in front of a butterfly garden.

An easy to make bench from logs and recycled 2X4 boards.

 This large bench looks like tree branches. It would look great in a woodland garden.

Did you find a bench that you liked?  Let me know which one was your favorite and leave a comment.
Happy Gardening!
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stone bench will be cosy in tropical weather.... :)
Thanks for all the photos of garden benches. Gives me some ideas for my gardens here on the shores of Lake Michigan - can always use a place to sit and rest and enjoy both the gardens and the lake. JC