What I Have Learned From My Garden

The other day I was cleaning up and organizing years of old photos in my computer. It is a big job and I am still not completely done, but it was fun to look back on how my garden had changed over the years and enjoy some blooms on a cold winter day. It made me start to think about what I have learned from my garden over the years. I have learned lots!
Like most gardeners, we are always sharing information with other gardeners, but you never think about what your garden shares with you as a gardener. Here are a few things that my garden has taught me.

  • Be patient - A garden takes time to grow and change. It is a project that will never be done.
  • Stop and smell the roses - Sometimes you need to stop worrying about weeds and all the other chores that need to be done in the garden. The weeds will be there tomorrow. Sit down and just enjoy it!
  • Gardens are not perfect! - You may have a plan, but Mother Nature will have hers.
  • Be creative - Your garden reflects you and your style. You do not have to follow the design rules. Some of the best gardens, did not have a plan.
  • Listen, watch and learn from your garden - It will tell you what it needs. Have you ever seen a wildflower field in full bloom or a forest full of ferns and wildflowers blooming. Mother Nature did not use chemicals to achieve that.
  • If your garden is full of insects, birds and other forms of wildlife, you must be doing something right - If you don't have or have a limited amount of insects, worms and other types of wildlife, ask yourself "Why"?
  • You can't save everything - You may want to save that annual for next year's garden, but it may not be worth the time and effort. Every plant has it's time in the garden - let it go!
  • Some plants will die! - If you plant something and it dies, try again! Remember to evaluate location, soil, light, and water, then try again. After three times - give it up!
  • Always remember that diversity in the garden is a good thing!
  • All things will come with time and a budget!
  • Wildlife needs to eat too! - If wildlife or insects damage your plants, they are doing what they need to do to survive. Your garden is their supermarket and they like shopping there.
That is what I have learned from my garden. Share in the comments section, what you have learned from your garden!
Happy Gardening!


Mario said…
That is a beautiful photo. Enjoyed reading your garden lessons- so true!
Divine Theatre said…
I enjoyed this very much! Thank you!

Love what you've learned Debbie. all so true.
Georgene Koenig said…
Wise words to all gardeners. Thank you, Debbie