Creative Recycled Garden Decor

This recycled item would be found on a vehicle.
I made my annual trek to the Indianapolis Flower and Patio Show this week. The gardens were beautiful and I really enjoyed seeing everything green, growing and blooming again. This year, I really liked some of the ways that the landscape companies that design the gardens got really creative and recycled many objects that would have found their way into landfills.

Take a look at each picture and try to figure out what was recycled. I will give you a few hints along the way.

This fountain is made from what?

This pendant light is a recycled item that would be found on top of a tank.

This recycled bar stool is made from something that once contained an alcoholic beverage.

Behind this outdoor television are panels made from what?

This pergola has a ceiling and two side walls made from what?

This outdoor fountain is made from what?
Did you figure out what some of the recycled items were? I hope you enjoyed seeing the pictures and now you can get creative in your garden.
Happy Gardening!