Growing Amaryllis for Indoor Winter Bloom

This pink and white amaryllis is now in bloom and it is stunning. The amaryllis to the left in the picture is still in bud and showing the red color that it will be when it blooms.

This time of year you are ready for flowers and getting outside in the garden again, however it is still winter, it's cold and the snow is still on the ground. What do you do? Why not grow an amaryllis and enjoy those big beautiful flowers inside.
Amaryllis are easy to grow. In my zone, they can be found in many stores and they are being sold for Christmas gift giving. You can buy them with the bulb, container and soil all in one package. You simple fill the container with soil, add the bulb, water and wait for the plant to bloom which is about 4 to 6 weeks.

Once your bulb blooms, now what do you do? You could throw it away or enjoy it another year.

If you want to keep your bulb for another year, here are some simple steps to follow:
  • As your flowers fade, remove them from the plant. When all the flowers are gone, cut the flower stalk where it emerges from the bulb. Do not remove the green leaves. 
  • You can place your potted bulb outside for the summer. Continue to fertilize and water regularly until late fall. You can fertilize using 10-10-10 or a liquid plant food. This is the time that the bulb is storing nutrients needed for the next growing cycle.
  • When late fall comes, stop watering the bulb and allow the leaves to dry out. Place the potted bulb inside and in a cool dark area of around 50 to 60 degrees for about 8 weeks. You can leave the bulb in the same container for storage. Periodically, check on the bulb, but do not water.
  • When you start to see new growth, add some additional new soil to the top of the container and fertilize. Make sure that you do not cover the top of the bulb with soil. Place your bulb in a sunny location in your house and start regular watering.
  • When the flower stalk starts to grow, you will need to rotate the container to keep the flower stalk tall and straight as it grows. Now just wait for the beautiful flowers to grow and bloom. 
Your amaryllis can grow in the same container for several years before you will need to move it to a larger container. When the bulb becomes tight in the container, it is time to plant it into a larger container.

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Jean Campbell said…
If your pretty pink Amaryllis is fragrant, it is Appleblossom, probably the most popular hippeastrum of all.