Recycling Pallets for the Garden

Pallets come in all size and shapes. Most are made from wood or plastic.
We have all seen pictures of old wood pallets being used in gardens. I have seen pallets turned into planters, benches, tool holders and composters, just to name a few. I will say that they are great to use, a wonderful way to recycle and save money. Building with pallets is very easy and it does not take a lot of skill. Just use your imagination and you can create many different items that can be used in and about the garden.
A compost bin made from two pallets.

The compost bin in the picture (above) was made from two pallets that held house siding on them. We had some work done on our house last fall and all of the cement board was delivered and stacked on the pallets. Each pallet was 8 feet long. I used one pallet for the back and I cut the slats of the second pallet into 3 pieces with 2 pieces being the sides and the larger piece as a removal front. I used deck screws to attach the sides to the back pallet. The front piece is hinged and allows me to open and close the composter. All I needed in tools was a saw to cut the pallet into three pieces and a battery operated drill with bit to screw everything together. The total project took about 30 minutes to complete. I added some stepping stones under my compost tumbler and a few hooks to hold gardening equipment. Now I have a place to hold all of that yard waste and a place to keep my gardening equipment organized.

Happy Gardening!