Recycled Pallet Projects for the Garden

Old wood pallets can become something useful when you use your imagination. Recently, I created four different pieces made from old pallets that were going to be destroyed, recycled or were heading for the landfill. These projects were easy to make, required very little skill or equipment. The top picture is a garden tool and equipment holder that will hang on the wall. I can hang my tools, have shelf space and a small storage box for all my garden items. I can hang the pallet outside or inside. This piece will hang inside my greenhouse. I could have painted or stained the piece, but I left it in it's natural wood color.

This piece is a pallet that has several layers of weed barrier stapled to the back and the bottom. The pallet is stuffed with soil, planted and watered. Do not plant herbs or other plants that you will eat in a pallet. You do not always know what was shipped on that pallet and what chemicals could be in the wood.

This three level garden was created from two pallets. There is a small planting area on the top and in the middle that can hold potted plants. The bottom area is a larger planting area that can be filled with soil and planted with lots of plants.

This last photo is a compost center made from two pallets. One area holds my compost tumbler and tools and the other area is a holding area for yard waste that will need to go into the tumbler.

All these projects were easy to make and are now items that I can use in the garden for storage, planting and composting. The next time you receive a pallet, look at it, use your imagination and create something special for the garden.

Happy Gardening!



Debbie there are some very creative ways to use pallets here...I have gotten several ideas.