Japanese Garden Design Ideas

A Japanese garden with a lake or pond is very inviting. If you can, build a water feature for your garden and include Koi or Goldfish.
I enjoy different types of garden design and I find something tranquil about Japanese garden design. The mix of water, rock and mostly green plantings seems very relaxing and quiet. When I have the opportunity to visit a Japanese garden, I always go, take pictures and just enjoy the garden and it's design. I have been collecting photos of the many different features found in Japanese garden design for the purpose of developing a small Japanese garden at home. If you have thought about designing a Japanese garden, here are a few of the many design ideas for that type of garden. Remember that Japanese gardens can be small or large depending on the space that you have.

Bamboo can be grown as a plant or used as fencing.

If you can't include a water feature you can create a raked gravel feature that represents water. The green area in the gravel would represent an island.

Many Japanese gardens have an entry.

Always add Japanese maples to your design.

A bridge with tree cutouts and a decorative red roof is beautiful in this garden.

The window of a teahouse has a tree and lantern as part of it's design.

Water features can be small like this pondless waterfall.

A very large ornate entry gate to a Japanese garden.

If you can, add a bridge to your design. It does not have to be large like the one in the picture. Use the red color for decorating.

This beautiful garden with a reflection of the bridge in the water gives the appearance of a complete circle.

Japanese lanterns can be made from stone or cement. This lantern is sitting in the pond water.

A simple bridge design was used in this garden.

A few bonsai trees can be added to your garden design.

Lanterns made of stone give an aged look to the garden.
I hope these pictures gave you some ideas about designing a Japanese garden. There are some very good books on the market on Japanese garden design and plenty of good ideas on the Internet.

I hope everyone has been having a great year in the garden and as always "Happy Gardening"!



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