25 Christmas Gifts for the Gardener

It's that time of the season when you are trying to complete your Christmas shopping.You have ran around to the stores and scanned the Internet looking for that "just right" gift for that special person. If you are still looking and scratching your head, here are 25 suggestions for Christmas gift giving if that special person is a gardener.
  1. Garden gloves
  2. Garden tools like shovels and rakes
  3. Gardening apron
  4. Bypass pruners
  5. Subscription to a gardening magazine
  6. Bird feeders
  7. Gift certificate to a local nursery or online nursery
  8. Worm composter
  9. Pond kit for the garden with liner and pump
  10. Garden design program for the computer
  11. Bird bath
  12. Bird bath heater for cold climate areas
  13. Gardening Christmas tree ornament
  14. Live succulent wreath
  15. Fairy Garden kit with container, soil, plants and accessories
  16. Files and sharpeners for sharpening garden tools
  17. Basket of assorted plant fertilizers or compost teas
  18. Live planter of assorted plants
  19. Amaryllis or other spring bulbs to grow during the winter
  20. Assorted bird seeds and suet
  21. Gardening books on pruning, design or insect and disease control
  22. Small table top fountain or garden fountain
  23. Garden statuary
  24. Garden trug, basket or wheel barrel
  25. Tool belt or cart to transport garden tools while working in the garden.
I hope this list of 25 suggestions, helps to complete that shopping list before Christmas!
Happy Gardening and Happy Holidays!