What's New in Water Features

One of my favorite additions to a garden is some type of a water feature. Water features bring in wildlife and they add a peaceful tranquil feel to a garden. I am always taking pictures of water features and here are some new ideas from this years Indianapolis Flower and Patio Show. Enjoy!

Yes, this is made of layers of stained glass. Love the colors!

I hope you enjoyed the photos and that you found an idea that you can use for your garden. Check back for future postings because lots of changes are going on and a new garden is on the horizon. More to come!

Happy Gardening!



Keara Littner said…
These are all fantastic looking water features! I particularly like that layered stained glass fountain! It'd be fantastic if I could get something like that set up in my backyard sometime this summer. Though, if that doesn't work, I'd also settle for either the lamp or watering can fountains.
Some of these are really crazy! I like the ones that use the household objects as part of the fountain though. The best one that I would like to see in my garden is the one that's made of stone and has the two lower fountain parts on the sides of the main fountain area. That would look great with some lights on it or in the water. Thanks for sharing the great pictures! http://www.susiesgiftsandmore.com/dept-30030

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