The Beginnings of a New Garden

In my last blog post, I mentioned that a new garden was on the horizon. I am doing the one thing that I said I would never do - Move. After spending years starting a garden from scratch, the home that was to be the retirement home is now not going to be the retirement home. We decided to move from Indiana to a warmer climate. I did not want to go as far as Florida, because it is hot and I could not grow many of my favorite plants that I enjoy in my current zone. We decided on moving to a part of North Carolina that we had visited before and had enjoyed. We started looking for houses and found the house that was perfect for us. I didn't know if it had a garden or not and after some research on the Internet I found some information that said the house had an "English Garden". I was thrilled and when we went to see the house the first thing I did was to go looking for the garden. It was everything I could have wanted in maturity and variety of trees and shrubs. The bones for a great garden were there and I was happy.

 I will need to change my gardening practices some. The garden is on the side of a mountain ridge and it is up and down hill where my current garden is flat land. The zone is different and in a thermal belt which will give me a longer growing season that I don't have in Indiana. In Indiana, I only have squirrels for pest and now I have deer, bear and a few poisonous snakes. My soil in the new garden is also clay, rock and more for acid loving plants than my silt soil along the river in my current garden in Indiana. I now can grow plants that I could not grow in Indiana, but still grow many of my favorite plants in the new garden. Here are a few pictures of the new garden that were taken on the coldest record breaking day in North Carolina this year.

Steps down to the garden.

Some of the new plants that I will be growing and that are in this garden are camellias, azaleas,
crepe myrtles, summersweets, pieris, Oregon grape holly, mountain laurel, Carolina jasmine, rhododendrons, hollies and much more. Each time I see the new garden, I discover new
plants that I was not able to identify on previous visits.

I plan to add a stream bed and pond in the future on the slope going down to the garden and in the lower part of the garden as seen in the picture above. I also would like to add a stairway down the slope to the garden. It will all come with time.

 Did I mention the view from the garden? If you look at the picture above, that's the view.

The garden is now starting to show color.


I look forward to working in the new garden, but I realize that it could be sometime before I can move plants from Indiana to North Carolina. Due to temperature differences, weather and not being able to keep new plants watered, the garden plants will need to stay potted up and in Indiana. That will give me time to design, clean up and weed. Timing will be everything! I currently have multiple plans on how everything will play out and now, I just wait.

Check back for future updates on the move and the new garden. My next post will be on how you prepare to move garden plants for starting a new garden.

Happy Gardening!



That will be beautiful! What a treasure to find a garden that has good bones. Wishing you a smooth and efficient move!
carolann said…
Best to you on your move.

We will here later how it turned out I am sure.
Oh Debbie this is it is sad to leave a garden, this is an incredible site and garden so sounds heavenly and I wish you luck...I look forward to seeing your new garden as it evolves.