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Designing the New Garden

I have had time to clean up the existing garden and to take a good look at it. The garden is a shrub garden on the side (near the top) of a mountain. My soil is clay and sand with lots of different types of quartz and granite. I have lots of trees and I can start a compost area for improving the soil. I have added additional flowering shrubs and perennials to the garden. I also have added a fish pond that my husband and I installed. The bones are good and I have lots of ideas!

In this post, we will take a tour of the garden and I will share some of my plans and ideas for it.
I plan to enlarge the garden and the new garden entrance will now begin at the gate in the upper picture at the top of the hill.

From the gate, a path takes you down hill to a creek area with a bridge. On the left side will be a large shaded bed for hybridizing hellebores. This garden will have a Japanese theme. I will need to add steps to this area due to how steep it is.

 The creek area is really a drain pipe t…

Moving, Moving Fish and the New Garden

I admit, I have not written for awhile. Life has been very busy with traveling between Indiana and North Carolina, remodeling one house, keeping the other house ready for showings, keeping one large garden neat and trying to install a new garden. Between traveling, LOTS of cleaning and LOTS of painting, the spring, summer and fall flew by. When I look back over the last nine months, I feel that I did not accomplish much until I look at the results and know better. Now to update you on what has happened. The garden is planted and the plants are establishing. Weeding, mulching and additional design work will come this spring. I did move my fish and I thought I would tell you how I did it. The first job was to dig a new pond, since the new garden did not have a pond. It took several days to dig and with the help of my husband, we got the job done. The new location allows me to see the fish from the house and provides a protected area for them.

After getting the pond dug, I leveled the …