Building the Garden Shed and Retaining Wall

It has been slow going, but the garden is starting to take shape. The new retaining wall has been added and the new garden storage shed has been built. We ran into some delays due to trying to figure out how the installer would get the shed down the step hill to the garden. The shed came in
prebuilt pieces that were taken down the hill and then the shed was built in the garden. It took about 4 hours to build on the spot we had chosen. It looks great and I finally can find my tools and have everything in one place in the garden. It sure saves trips up and down the hill. Take a look at how things have changed in the garden.

The old decayed landscape timber have been removed and the new timbers are going in.

Lots of digging, stacking and nailing.

The retaining wall is complete and I can starting planting.

The shed is made of cedar. I painted it to match the house colors.

It is now painted in beige, cream and dark brown on the shutters.

After getting the painting done it was time to landscape around the shed and organize the inside with all my garden tools.

After the shed was completed, I got the painting done and moved all my tools in and got myself finally organized. It has been wonderful having everything down in the garden where I will be using them. I planted a double Japanese Kerria next to the shed and I added two white blooming hydrangeas in front of the shed. It should look great when they grow and bloom.

The garden has been slow to grow this year due to lack of rain in the area. I have been watering everything regularly, but in the last week we have finally started getting some heavy rains. The rain has helped and the garden is starting to change daily.  I am starting to see some blooms - finally!

My next big project is finishing the stone work on the pond. We are trying to come up with a plan to cover the pond with wire. We need to protect the fish and plants from birds and bears.

Happy Gardening!