The New Garden is Starting to Bloom


The garden is starting to bloom! Maybe that seems normal to many, but last year my garden was dug up, potted up and moved nearly 500 miles to the new garden site. Plants were put into the ground and for periods of time went without water or care. Now that we have made the move to North Carolina, I have been able to start working the garden and creating the new garden. If you have been reading my blog, you know what has been happening over the last year. Now you can see some of the results. Take a look.

The area in the picture above will be a creek bed with a bridge. It will be rocked in and moss will be added to age it. This area will be planted with assorted ferns and other woodland plants.

The stone bench was recently moved and placed next to the goldfish and koi pond. It required four adults to lift the rock and place it on top of the stone base. Now you can sit and enjoy the fish.

The front of the house had this small mulched area. I decided to plant it with grass. Most everyone in the area mulch their yards, but I wanted grass for our two little dogs. It only takes 5 minutes to cut the grass which is better than 1 hour at the old house.

I have made repairs to the steps that go down to the lower garden. Some of the stones were loose and were dangerous. The stone steps pass through the rose garden and end at the fish pond.

The white to pink flowering shrubs in the garden are mountain laurel. I removed some of the older damaged plants and left lots of this native plant in the garden. It is beautiful to see and it smells nice.

The Oakleaf  hydrangea 'Ruby Slippers' is starting to bloom. This plant is at the gate that leads to the fairy garden and woodland garden.

The fish pond is just about completed. I still need to add some more stone in a couple of places. I added a heavy gauge wire fence material over the top of the stone and pond to keep birds and deer out of the pond. The fencing should slow a bear down, but if he wants into the pond that bad, I am sure he will find a way.

I have found that roses bloom very well in this area and I plan to plant more in the future. Take a look at rest of the photos on how the garden is progressing.

I planted a container garden of tomatoes, basil, oregano, leaf lettuce and sage. The tomatoes are loaded with flowers. I planted my garden on the second floor deck at the kitchen windows. It is nice to have the vegetables close to the kitchen and up high enough from deer.

I recently visited several nurseries and purchased additional plants to fill out the garden. I have  seeded some areas with seed for future perennial plants for the butterflies. I still need to do more mulching and add additional gravel to the garden path. It will all come in time!

Happy Gardening!