A Visit to The North Carolina Arboretum

This week I had the opportunity to visit The North Carolina Arboretum. If you are ever in Asheville, North Carolina, you should stop by and visit. The gardens are very nice and you can spend about two hours looking around the gardens. Some of the areas in the Arboretum that you will want to see are the Quilt Garden, National Native Azalea Collection, Heritage Garden, Stream Garden, Bonsai Garden and several other gardens. My favorites were the Bonsai Garden and the Quilt Garden. The Arboretum has many pieces of very nice art work throughout the gardens to enjoy.

Here is a  photo tour of The North Carolina Arboretum for you to enjoy.

I really like this shed with the green roof, rain barrel and rain chain.

One of my favorite gardens was the Bonsai Garden. They have a beautiful collection of Bonsai trees in a Japanese inspired garden.

Frederick Law Olmsted

This was my other favorite garden. This is the Quilt Garden and if you look you will see that each bed is a butterfly created from plants. Do you see the butterflies?

The gardens have some very beautiful gates and arbors that were designed by many different artist.

That is the tour of The North Carolina Arboretum and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Check back for a post on the Bonsai collection at The North Carolina Arboretum. The collection was beautiful!

Happy Gardening!